Free Online Graphing Calculators

Handheld graphing calculators can prove quite expensive; some are priced between $80.00 and $100.00 or more. If you are looking to save a lot of money, you can make use of online free graphing calculators and tools instead of investing in an expensive handheld model.

Free online graphing calculators let you make the same calculations some of the advanced handheld models allow you to use, and many websites present you with an online tutorial on how to use the free calculators offered.

About Free Online Graphing Calculator Resources

Graphing calculators online are available to teachers, students, engineers, and those individuals interested in studying statistics.  These tools are also great for math tutors seeking innovative free tools for students.  When seeking calculators online, there are a few things you need to be aware of however.  Some online graphing calculators are limited in terms of functions.  Some applications are not suitable for working with fractions, radicals, square roots, or division operations.  Some are appropriate for displaying multiple graphs while others are not. 

You will need to seek out online calculators that provide you with the functions you require for your calculation purposes.  Many graphing calculators online are capable of handling an array of functions.  There are free tools for figuring out financial equations, trigonometric, engineering calculations, calculus equations, statistical calculations, matrices, algebraic equations, and more.  There are even calculators that have features like two and three-dimensional graphing functions.

You will want to access a site offering free tips, instructions, or tutorials on how to use the applications on offer.  You will find that you can use many graphing calculators for the purposes of calculating subtraction, addition, multiplication operations, exponents, variables, and some allow you to define the order of operations as well.

Five Benefits of an Online Graphing Calculator

There are many ways to get help with your math skills and for some classes, jobs, or other applications a graphing calculator is an essential tool. With more and more resources of many kinds being available on the internet, you can find an online graphing calculator to meet most if not all of your computing needs.

Some of the benefits of finding an online graphing calculator include the cost, available tutorials, various features, and even access to additional online math help. By finding a website to do your calculations on, you can access your memory points from different computers and sometimes even from your smartphone. All it takes is an internet search and some time to find the right site for your needs.


A graphing calculator will usually set you back a hundred dollars or so for the hardware and then you will sometimes need to find a class or tutorial to help you learn how to use it. Many people find an adequate calculator and stick with it as long as possible, but things break down with age and many new features can be added over the years to help you with your math calculations at any level.

When the price tag of a new graphing calculator has you beat, the internet can be your greatest ally. You can usually find a free online graphing calculator that will offer all of the features that you need with a quick internet search.

Sometimes the online graphing calculator that best fits your needs will require a fee, but it is still generally cheaper than purchasing the hardware version and many websites that charge will offer you other resources with your membership.


Most websites offering an online graphing calculator will also feature tutorials to help you use and understand the various functions that your program can use. This can help significantly with having confidence in your calculations as well as help with the ease of use of the program. Since not every calculator is programmed in the same way, finding a site with a tutorial can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes you to determine how to best use the resource.

You can also sometimes find tutorials online that can help you with your math homework, brush up on some skills, and many more. The websites that offer an online graphing calculator will usually offer many other math resources that can help make your investment pay off in the long run, especially if you are using your membership to help multiple children learn math at different levels.


Each online graphing calculator that you find will have slightly different features. This is especially true if you are comparing a free online graphing calculator to one that you have to pay for. Fewer or different features does not necessarily mean that the program is worse than another one, and sometimes you can fulfill all of your needs without all of the bells and whistles. You will want to keep in mind the features that you will needs when making your choice, and this can sometimes help you narrow down all of the different calculators that are available online.

Some of the features that you can usually find in graphing calculators include the ability to change grid size, 2D and 3D graphing, graphing multiple functions on the same graph, as well as many more. You can also find standard and scientific calculators online if you are not looking strictly for a graphing one. The variety of different calculators available for online and offline use can help you tailor your product to your needs, meaning that you can have all of the features that you need without those that you don’t.

Additional Online Math Apps

For the student, or for anyone looking to brush up on their math skills, finding a site that offers a free online graphing calculator can also open you up to a variety of different products. You can find apps, tutorials, games, and more that can help you get the principles of math down while having fun. These programs will usually be broken up by the level of math to make it easier for you to find the one that you need for a particular class or skill. Some sites require a paid membership to take full advantage of all that they have to offer, but sometimes it is worth it if you can find a system that works with how you like to learn and that can help you on multiple levels. Whether you are looking for some fun tutoring for a student, or a way to refresh your memory for an upcoming assignment, these additional online math apps can help you gain the knowledge that you need.

Accessing Your Calculator on Multiple Devices

By choosing to go with an online graphing calculator you can have the ability to access the same calculator from many different computers. Many times you can even access your account and the stored calculator memory from your smartphone. This makes it very convenient for the student that left their calculator at home, the professional who didn’t think that they would need it, or even those unfortunate times when a dead battery can set back your work. With so many places having internet available to students, employees, and customers, having access to an internet based calculator for all of your functions has made it easier than ever to get things done on your terms. As long as you have a device capable of connecting to the internet, and a signal, you can access many different kinds of calculators to help you through your day.

The internet can be a vast resource for people looking for an online graphing calculator, tutorials on how to utilize them, and even places to give you extra help learning mathematics. With a simple online search you can turn up hundreds of results for a free online graphing calculator so that you can easily find the one that has everything that you need in a computing program that you can have on your home computer, tablet, laptop, or even on your smartphone.

Free Online Graphing Calculator Tools

If you are searching for an online graphing calculator, you can get one free on Web  On this site, you can access a basic, intermediate, or advanced free online graphing calculator.  The basic free calculator has basics, quadratics, and cubics; the intermediate calculator offers you logarithm, exponential, and absolute value functions, and the advanced calculator has trigonometric and hyperbolic trig functions.  This site also offers free plotting calculators, two dimensional graphic calculators, and interactive 3D graphic features.  For more information and to access the free online ti graphing calculator visit


On Cool, you can access a free graphic calculator online.  This site allows you to use the calculator to graph a linear equation, a standard parabola, a standard absolute value, and more.  The calculator is offered to you through an applet, and the system hosts features that are identical to some of the best handheld graphing devices.  This site offers you a table revealing the functions in the application and how they work.  The site also has cool math games, jigsaw puzzles, brainteasers, and math lessons.  For more information visit

Online Math Calculators And Solvers

Online Math Calculators and Solvers is a website offering you access to a variety of free graphic calculators online.  You can use a calculator to plot the points in a rectangular coordinate system; a calculator that allows you to determine functions and properties; a calculator for inverse functions, and operations on functions calculator.  This site also has time calculators, tools you can use to find line equations, calculators for quadratic functions, and calculators for slopes, lines, and distance calculations.  Additional tools are offered for parabolas, trigonometry, polar and rectangular coordinates, working with fractions, percentages, real integers, vector calculations, and more.  For more information visit is a website offering a free graphing calculator application.  The site offers you access to a quick start guide that will inform you about entering functions into the calculator.  This site allows you to use variables, exponents, brackets, parentheses, and you can use subtraction, addition, and multiplication functions.  This calculator currently does not support certain functions such as division, fraction calculations, radical calculations, or square root functions.  For more information visit

Tech the Plunge

Tech the Plunge offers you a free listing of nineteen online graphic calculators and tools you can use to make a variety of calculations.  Each site offering a free graphing calculator is offered to you with information about the site, the tools offered, and the functionality of the calculator in question.  You can also see a graphic relating to how the calculator presents graphing functions and results.  You can use this site to compare interfaces, applications, applets, calculator functions, and more.  For full details visit


FooPlot is a site that has a graphing calculator with a variety of functions.  You can define the polar or parametric function, the window, the grid size, and whether or not the graph presents axes, numbers, and grid.  You can save the graph once you generate it using the application.  You can use the tool to find the intersection, the root, and the graph has zoom in and zoom out features as well.  For more information visit

The Function Grapher

The Function Grapher is a calculating tool offered via a Java applet.  This tool has an array of functions including cube root, square root, general root, factorial, sine functions, exponential functions, cotangent, cosecant, secant, inverse cosine, inverses sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic sine, and hyperbolic tangent functions.  Features are offered where you can move the graphing window, choose the region you want displayed, and the device has squaring up features, zoom in functions, zoom out operations, and tracing tools.  You can even define the tick marks on the graph, and the application allows you to make use of logical functions, sequence of functions, and summations.  For more information visit

On you get a free online graphing calculator in full color.  This device allows you to define the equations, settings, intersection, and plot points.  It also has zoom in and zoom out functions, tracing features, and you can instantly create a colorful and easy to read graph by clicking on the “graph button.”  The entire application is laid out just like an actual graphing calculator.  For more details visit